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Songza's Music Strategy Poised to Disrupt Pandora, Spotify, iTunes
The team at Songza in Long Island City is chasing a trend in the music world: They're moving away from downloads and towards streaming content. And the Songza folks are hoping their platform, which curates song lists for users, can stifle the likes of
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Jazzercizing To 'It's Raining Men'? Hallelujah!
by NPR Staff All this winter, Morning Edition has been creating The Ultimate NPR Workout Mix by asking people what music makes them move. NPR's own Susan Stamberg says her favorite workout method, Jazzercise, is inherently musical.
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Software for Both Solos and Sing-Alongs
In this realm, aspiring crooners who are armed with Apple devices will have an edge against their Android-toting counterparts (which is true with many music-related app categories). Apps like Glee Karaoke (free), VocaLive ($ 20, with a limited free
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