Where to Listen to Haitian Music Online

Websites offering on-demand Haitian music are getting more and more popular. The reason is mainly because these sites allow people to play their Haitian music of choice for free.?

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If you regularly listen to Haitian music online, you must already be aware of sites that provide these services and you might even have your own favourite. Still want to know the best sites you can add to your online haunts?

If you’re not already a regular on hmilive.com, check them out.

HMILive.com has a clean interface that allows you to stream a good number of Haitian songs. If you only have a limited number of favourite Haitian songs at a time then this site is ideal for you as they only allow streaming of 25 free songs per month. After that, then you will have to pay.

Another great place to listen to music online. It started out as a program which allows people to send details of the song they are listening to. HMI LIVE will then analyze the song and recommend similar music which might interest the listener. The site added playlist features when it became hmilive.com and allows each song to be streamed a maximum of three times. Want a site you can manage to your taste?


HMI Live offers a catalogue of millions of Haitian songs people can listen to on demand. Its interface is easy to use and the Haitian music is of good quality. There is also a feature called personalized and social networking features that allow embedding to websites and direct song linkings.

HMI Live allow you to listen to Haitian music online a bit like YouTube. This primarily an Haitian social network set up around Haitian music sharing and provides all other kinds of things like blogs, video, polls and photos.

You get to pick the music, the artists, the genre, and the season. It is great to be able to program a playlist with exactly what you want in the way of music. If you want to listen to all “Kompa” music all you do is program the playlist and you have it at your convenience. You can even get to rate the songs and decide if you want to hear them again. It you are interested in carnaval tunes you can plug into the carnaval and listen to seasonal music.

When you listen to Haitian music online you get to create your own playlist. If you want all rasin, all rap kreyol, all levanjil, all zouk, it arrives on your personal profile. It is so nice to sit back and relax and enjoy the music that you like or the music that fits the moment, at whatever time of the day. And the marvelous part about all of this it is free.

On HMILive.com you will be amazed at what you can do with your music playlist and how you can even share them with your other friends. The world is a different place with all of this capability to program your own music.

Now is the time to start listening to Haitian music once again. Listen to the music you want and enjoy. Create your own profile and your personal music library of listening. Then you get to sit back and be entertained with Haitian music that will inspire you, entertain you, and make your dream come reality. All this can happen when you log to HMI Live. This is all yours through the Internet and can all be yours for no cost. You will love the experience as music enters your life once again.


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